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The Georgina Point Lighthouse Lighthouse Park from the Point.
Photo credit: Toby Snelgrove

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Welcome to the Mayne Island Conservancy Society (MICS). Formed in 2003, our mission is to foster harmony between nature and community on Mayne Island BC. Staff and volunteers further this mission through offering general education and hands-on experiences for Mayne Island residents and visitors related to preserving the ecological integrity of the island for future generations. We also work to provide expert advice to government bodies on the ecosystems of Mayne Island.

Please browse our site to find out more information about our education and stewardship activities, our events and projects, information on ecological issues and also how you can help us with our mission. If you have any comments or questions you can contact us via phone (250-539-5168), email (, or pop by our office at 478 Village Bay Rd.

News and Announcements from The Conservancy

Help with May Day

Organization for the 2014 edition of Mayne Island's signature event, the Annual May Day celebration, is under way and volunteers are needed to assist with preparations and to propel proceedings on the day. Click the poster on the right for a list stuff you might do! This fun-filled afternoon, which is great for kids and the young at heart, presents an opportunity to let your hair down and let it all hang out - oh & yes, it is a fund-raiser for the Mayne Island Conservancy Society. If you would like to contribute in any way at all do give Helen a call at 539-5619. For a look at this Event from years past go to the event page, our picture gallery, and archives here.

AGM Report Posted

At this year's Annual General Meeting Rob Underhill, the Conservancy's biologist and project lead for Conservation Action, presented a slideshow on progress and benchmarks achieved in the past 12 months. You can scroll through the presentation (Acrobat Reader required) and read about some of the decisions taken at the AGM here

Walkabouts with the Conservancy Available Again

We wanted to remind everyone that it's a perfect time to schedule a free walkabout with the Mayne Island Conservancy! Spring is the time to find and identify plants, bird breeding sites, and much more.

We can offer information on a variety of topics, including:

  • Plants, bird species, and ecology of your property
  • Native plants that are well-suited to your conditions
  • Re-vegetation of disturbed areas
  • Covenants and other land-protection measures
To find out more, please contact us at 250-539-5168, by email at, or come by our office at 478 Village Bay Rd. (the old Root Seller Building). Walkabouts are important part of this year's Conservation Action & Community Stewardship project and a few more details appear here.

Nature Photo Contest Announced

Star in our 2015 Calendar & receive a copy as free gift!

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society announces a Nature Photo Contest that will run until August 31st, 2014. The contest is open to amateur photographers, residents and visitors alike. Full details are on the Nature Photo Contest page. Get that eye and shutter finger in trim now - contest opens March 1st!

2013 Ecostar

Mayne Island Conservancy Society has earned the 2013 CRD Ecostar Award in the category of "Stewardship (Non Profit)" sponsored by 98.5 The Ocean. The citation appears below:

Through educational initiatives, the cultivation of native plant species and removal of invasive species, Mayne Island Conservancy Society has been promoting and undertaking conservation efforts to preserve the biodiversity on Mayne Island for over the past decade. In 2011, the Society launched a successful two-year stewardship program encouraging Mayne Island residents to sign voluntary land stewardship agreements and to participate in the walk-about program, which provides guided walks of resident properties to point out ecological features of their land. The Conservancy Society has a relatively large membership base, with 250 members from an 1100-resident population base. In addition to their education efforts, the group has planted over 1800 tree seedlings and have cultivated over 2700 plants from 32 different species for planting in the 2013-14 planting season.

For a review of the various elements of our Conservation Action Project - play the clip!

Islands Trust Award

photo of the MICS Group celebrating the award

The Mayne Island Conservancy is honoured to have earned the recognition of a 2013 Islands Trust Community Stewardship Award. The Trust nomination citation appears here. For information on MICS Shoreline Care, visit the project, while our recently completed Shoreline Atlas documents the Conservancy's survey work involving eelgrass & kelp beds, sandlance spawning beaches, forage fish habitat and shoreline modification, both natural and anthropogenic.

The award was presented at the Local Trust Committee meeting on July 31st at the Community Centre before an audience of MICS Members & well wishers as well as several award winners from previous years. There are some more pictures taken at the presentation here.

Conservation Action

The Community-Based Conservation Action Project will empower community members to take conservation actions where they live. Often people unwittingly disturb sensitive ecosystems and given the knowledge would act differently. Conservation, restoration, education and volunteer actions will target sensitive ecosystems including wetlands, marine riparian and Garry Oak ecosystems.

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society will lead on the ground action such as an early detection of, and rapid response to the emergence of invasive plants such as giant hogweed, gorse, and Japanese knotweed. These species represent a danger to public health, park access, and infrastructure, and due to the island nature of Mayne and the small number of infestations, these species can be successfully eradicated from the island before they spread.

Schools Program

Thanks to funding from Environment Canada and recently the Green Angels Wood Choppers, the MICS has been working with the Mayne School to develop and deliver educational programing with a biological focus.

To read about topics introduced to the K to 8 children at the Mayne School click here.

Native Plant Nursery

Mayne Island Conservancy has created a native plant nursery. Now that it's third growing season the goal of this project of providing native plants for restoration projects is being achieved. Further we are able to offer seedlings and well started plants to those interested in native flora. Click here to see what plants we have for sale and to learn more about this project.

If you want to know more about the variety and beauty of native plants you would do well to vist our Facebook page regularly to look at the photographs and comments appearing in our Native Plant of the Week series.

Thanks to Supporting Agencies & Individuals

The Mayne Island Conservancy Society would like to thank the agencies that have played a part in advancing our Shoreline Care project, and the conduct of this year's Conservation Action component of the Mayne Island Community Stewardship program:

Edith Point - Photo: Rob Underhill
The Lower Footpath: Edith Point
- Rob Underhill
  • Mayne Island Parks & Recreation Commission   

  • Capital Regional District   

  • TD Friends of the Environment   

  • Government of Canada's EcoAction Program

  • Government of British Columbia   

  • Green Angels Woodchoppers

For a complete list of those groups and corporations that have assisted the Mayne Island Conservancy Society financially and to learn about our project partners please visit our Supporters page. We also offer particular thanks to our individual donors and members who do so much to propel the organization with their enthusiasm and generosity. If you would like to join the Mayne Island Conservancy Society - dues $5.00 per year - or assist in any other way, an on-line form can be found on our How You Can Help page.

Staff & Volunteers

From time to time the Society hires staff under contract to assist with the execution of projects and day to day administrative functions - pictured at right: last summer's staff roster: Leanna Boyer, Rob Underhill and Rheanna Drennan at the MICS display at the 2012 Fall Fair. Current employees are featured on our Board and Staff page. In 2014 Lauren Underhill has joined us for another engagement as Stewardship Coordinator and Michael Dunn continues as our Executive Director.

There are many opportunities to be involved in the Conservancy's projects. At the beginning of the year we will be most active in the Stewardship arena. For information on how you might participate visit the project's Community Involvement page. In the Spring there will be a need for assistance with Shoreline Care as well. Meanwhile contact information and details of specific volunteer activities are to be found here

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