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The Recycling Centre Crew - at the Earth Week Beach Clean-up - April 2014 The Recycling Centre Crew - at the Earth Week Beach Clean-up - April 2014
Photo credit: Vicki Turay

Working with the Recycling Society

State of tides on Sunday April 17th 2016 determined a 10:00 am start to this year's Beach Clean-up.

Read on for the 2016 results and tributes to those with a starring role. Here too we sing of the heroes who volunteered their Sunday mornings to spit 'n' polish our collective foreshores. We also thank the CRD for their annual financial assistance and the "Beach Captains" who deployed the enthusiastic forces and doubtless led by example. Their names are recorded on the poster displayed beside the table of weights and rubbish.

2016 Beach Clean-up

The Mayne Island Recycle Centre opened for business on the morning of the 17th to welcome the volunteers and their beach trash. Thanks to Vicki Turay who logged the rubbish weighed in by Michael Dunn and to Grant Buday and crew who stowed the stuff pending acceptance into the various disposal and recycle streams. Vicki writes:
What an incredible day. We collected over 3600 lbs of garbage and had over 100 people helping. These numbers include the Mayne School clean-up wherein 24 pairs of hands did an excellent job on Miners Bay!

Plastics455.0 lbs[206.82 kgs]
Mixed plastics188.0[85.45]
Tire & Styrofoam floats34[15.45]
Metal, cable78.0[35.45]
Plastic & Styrofoam50.0[22.73]
Plastic & metal476.0[216.36]
Other metal1081.0[491.36]
Mooring Buoys612.0[278.18]
Total3,645 lb[1656.82 kg]

A few odd items of unusual interest this year were 11 tire/styrofoam buoys, a red dress, a huge fish storage bin, a sail board, a whole boat and many others in bits, an oil absorbent boom, and a pressurized gas bottle.

Statistics by Location:

 Bennett BayCampbell BayDavid, Oyster, ReefEdith PointGallagher & PiggottHorton Bay
Beach CaptainMike NadeauElizabeth WhitelawIrene & Nigel BarrettPeter AskinKim HarrisSue Duncan
Team Nos.21476123
Total Haul (Lbs)15157517721517624

 Kadonaga BayLighthouse/MaudeMiners BayVillage BayPebble Beach
Beach CaptainMarian MacLeanLen EppMayne SchoolAl CannonHelen & John O'Brian
Team No.744 + 20 children104
Total Haul (Lbs)9381588888169

Some Pictures from 2016

Boating in Stuff from St. John's Point
Boating in stuff from St. John's Point
The Bennett team with Rotten Metal
Some Bennett Boys & Girls with Metal
Kadonaga Haul at the Recycle Centre
Kadonaga Haul at the Recycle Centre
Sign in at the Recycle Centre
Signing in the load from Horton Bay
Weighing-in the Kadonaga Haul
Weighing in the Haul from Kadonaga Bay
More of Toby's photographs from the day are available for viewing on his "SmugMug" site - here

2015 Beach Clean-up

Thanks to the diligence of the crew at the Recycle Centre, including Michael Dunn, Weighmaster and Vicki Turay as the unassisted* Recording Angel, here are the material statistics for the 2015 Cleanup - 958 kgs or 2108 lbs in total:

Plastics70.68 lbs[155.5 kgs]
Wood + Styrofoam, metal0[0]
Mixed plastics75.0[34.09]
Tire & Styrofoam floats0[0]
Metal, cable23.0[10.45]
Fabric with metal & foam132.0[60.0]
Plastic & Styrofoam19.0[8.64]
Plastic & metal145.0[65.91]
Crab trap floats123.0[55.91]
Aluminum (returnable cans)44.0[20.0]
Other metal258.0[117.27]
Deposit containers18.5[8.41]
Total2,108 lb[958.18 kg]

* Ann Johnston having passed the quill after eight years in that role!

Statistics by Location:

 Bennett BayCampbell BayDavid, Oyster, ReefEdith PointGallagher & PiggottHorton Bay
Beach CaptainMike NadeauElizabeth WhitelawPat SeebachPeter AskinKim HarrisSue Duncan
Team Nos.10364163
Total Haul (Lbs)537.536198128.516123.5

 Kadonaga BayLighthouse/MaudeMiners BayVillage BayBriggs LandingBriggsPebble Beach
Beach CaptainMarian MacLeanLen EppMayne SchoolAl CannonJeannine Dodds?O'Brians
Team No.854 + 20 children4722
Total Haul (Lbs)197.5634042528225.526.5

For Stats & Pics from Beach Cleanups in past years visit our Program Archive

Broom Bash

At least 17 Mayne Islanders had the confidence that the morning rain would dry up by a little after 10 in the morning of Friday June 4th, at least at Barb Baker's place on the East West Road. And so it did. Moist soil made for easy pulling but tricky footing on the road embankment; nonetheless it seems the community team did a great job of carefully picking off "juvenile" plants and a few more senior entities that were in flower. Some of the folks went deeper into the property to remove larger broom on a shallow hillside. There, the Extractigator, kindly loaned without charge from their rental stock by the Mayne Island Building Centre, proved very useful. Refreshments shortly after noon brought a successful morning's work to a close.

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